Thursday, July 28, 2011

You know, sometimes I’m just not hungry

I’ve started to tell more people about my new food adventures.  That’s not true: the boys have started telling people.  I have said very little about it unless people ask.  The first thing most people do, understandably, is find something for me to eat.  Eat this! They want to see my face as I take that first bite.  I feel a lot of pressure to smile and say I like it.  How can I explain that chocolate is still a very new taste to my senses.  It kinda has a dirt and burnt metallic taste a lot of the time.  It tastes much more bitter (bitterer?)  than I expected it to.  I don’t think that’s what other people taste, though.  If it was, why the fuck are we still eating it? 

It’s been five days so far.  I’ve had chocolate everyday for the last 5 days.  My name is Lisa and I have been a chocolate-eater for five days.   I don’t know if I’m getting used to the taste or not.  I’ve also been on new allergy meds for 10 days to help calm my reactions to pollen.  I think they may have affected my sense of taste as well.  Like having a cold, I only have a few taste and smell receptors that are working.

And then, sometimes, I’m just not hungry.  I’ve already eaten.  I’ve just brushed my teeth.  I have no desire for food of any let alone some new burnt metal taste-sensation.  Someone gave me a whole candy bar at 5:30 in the evening.  Wouldn’t that spoil my dinner, I thought. I’m on a diet.  I’m fasting for summer lent.  Well, now that’s you’ve opened it, I guess I have to try it.

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