Monday, August 8, 2011


In some ways I wish I began eating chocolate during the winter months.  I have a tendency to leave chocolate in the car, that’s all. I’ve never had a snack that I couldn’t just toss in the car with me.  If I brought my lunch somewhere, I’d always put it in the fridge at work.  But this take-along snack that can’t spend even five minutes in a hot car—it’s crap.

I’ve had to re-set numerous candy bars already because they couldn’t make it home.  Does this compromise the quality of the product?  Does it affect the taste?  It sure as hell is a pain in the ass, I’ll tell you that.
Of course, if I had begun in the winter months, I would probably be pining for lemonade and orange soda season.  I haven’t tried any citrus yet.  I’m a little afraid still.  I’ve had strawberries (meh, I still prefer watermelon, or peaches or cherries or pineapple).  And I think I want a lemonade slushy to be the first thing I try.  But I don’t know where those are sold.  I never paid attention.

It’s hot outside.  I don’t use the air conditioner at home—it’s too expensive.  And I rarely use it in the car unless the boys are with me and we are going a long way.  I rely on the warm summer breeze to take the edge off, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.  But I’d rather be too hot than too cold. Chocolate is not compatible with this life style choice.  Like a car loses value the minute you drive it out of the lot, thus a candy bar loses its solid state and melts the moment you walk out of the store!  

Over the past week, I’ve forgone lunch in favor of a candy bar.  It’s been a meal supplement, calorie wise, not nutritionally.  Nutritionally, I think I’m doing a very poor job.  I never thought I was a very healthy eater, but without chocolate, I was eating better than I thought.  I had fruit with breakfast every day. I ate peanut butter and raisins whenever I had a craving for salty or sweet.  This past week, I’ve had M&M’s instead of all of those things.  I’m not proud.

I’ve been craving vegetables and savory protein. And sugar.  I want sweet stuff.  I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but it hasn’t had as many options before!

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