Monday, August 15, 2011

Hot and Cold

I’m amazed at how different chocolate foods can be depending on weather it’s warm or cold.  I don’t know many foods that change that drastically depending on temperature.  Meats—sure, and like a cheese sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich are different, but again these are cooked.  Chocolate changes without being cooked, just warmed or exposed to the heat of say, a car in the summer time, or a few minutes in the freezer.  Actually, I’m quite surprised at the melting temperature of chocolate: it’s much lower than I thought.  It’s like every chocolate thing I buy, can’t make it home from the grocery store.  And then I feel like a glutton because I’m trying to eat it all before I get home—I don’t live that far from a grocery store!

The first time I tried Justin’s peanut Butter Cups, I wasn’t crazy about them.  But I put them in the fridge and once they were cold, I liked them more.  Why is that?  Is it the temperature?  The extra crunch?  Sometimes, however, I don’t like the cold chocolate.  I tried to re-form a melty Milky Way the other day and nearly broke my teeth!  It was like biting a brick!  And Milky Ways are, so far, my favorites—but not when they’re cold!  It’s a dramatic difference for one product.

So I bought a Toblerone Bar the other day and had like three little pieces of it and then I brought it home, and it was all melted, but I kept it wrapped up and in its little triangle box.  When I opened it up later, I could still see the “B-L-E-R-O-N-E” imprints!  I thought it was so funny!

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